M2.x退换货流程优化加强扩展Mirasvit RMA v2.1.20

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最终版本: v2.1.20

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支持版本: 2.0.x 2.1.x 2.2.x 2.3.x 2.4.x


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最终版本: v2.1.20
更新时间: 2020年 11月 18日
支持版本: 2.0.x 2.1.x 2.2.x 2.3.x 2.4.x
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RMA is a powerful tool for managing the processing return and exchange requests within your workflow. This, in turn, allows your customers to request and manage returns and exchanges directly from your webstore.

   RMA is a powerful tool for managing the return and exchange of items purchased by customers in your store. This, in turn, allows your customers to request and manage returns and exchanges directly from your webstore.

Accepting returns or exchanges is a necessary component of great customer service. Customers tend to buy from those vendors that offer a flexible return policy. Your loyal and potential customers expect this kind of service and highly appreciate it. Therefore, is crucial that this process be easily managed.

RMA module for Magento is a necessary tool that can automatically generate all the appropriate operations and make it easy to handle every aspect of the return. This will ensure that the item is visible and trackable until the process is completed.

Provided options allow customers to choose an item to return from a list. Your customer can select the reason of return, the item condition and easily specify the most suitable resolution: exchange, replace, refund or store credit.

Integration with Store Credit & Refund and Help Desk extensions provide great features for store owners.

Features for Customers
    Unregistered customers can create RMA requests and easily monitor their resolution.
    Registered customers have access to all their RMA requests directly from their user acc

    Customer can create just one RMA for products even they are from different orders. It's not necessary to create multiple RMA for products from each order. It’s very convenient! New
    Customer can create RMA for any products purchased in  offline store.

    If a customer purchased several products in one order, he has the opportunity to return only one item or a few received items. He does not need to return the entire order.
    If a customer purchased a grouped product, they can return a single item from that product.
    Customer can exchange a product for another product with a different size, color, etc. Price difference may be paid from (refunded to) customer store credit balance.

    For every returned product, the customer is able to set up: Status, Reason, Condition, and the desired Resolution.
    As only RMA is accepted, your buyer will receive an email notification and he or she will be able to print  an RMA Shipping Label, which includes the information about items to return and the return address.

    During the processing of RMA, the customer has the ability to leave any additional comments about the RMA.

    A customer is able to track the entire history of messages, each RMA status change will be visible for him.

    A customer will be notified by email about the status change or when they receive a new message regarding their RMA from the store administration.

    Customer can reply to RMA messages by email. It's not necessary to login to the store account each time (enabled if Help Desk is installed).
    Customer can return products which they have received as gifts.

    Integration with FedEx allows customers to download FedEx shipping labels directly from customer account or an RMA notification email.

Features for Store administrationGeneral features
    Extension supports all magento product types.
    You can create RMA requests through the backend.
    The entire story of comments and status changes for each RMA.
    Very flexible notification system. You can set up an alert at each processing RMA step, constantly informing your customer about their processing request.
    Ability to leave private comments (visible only to the store team).
    The ability to assign RMA to store staff.
    The ability to upload images of shipping label from backend, so customers will be able to print this label.
Custom RMA properties
    You can setup your unique Statuses, Reasons, Conditions, and Resolutions for RMA.
    You can translate them into different languages (for multilingual stores).
Integration with Store Credit & Refund extension. NewExtension is integrated with our Store Credit & Refund extension. This integration allows to refund to a store credit balance. Also, it allows you to do an exchange of products with different prices.
Integration with Help Desk extension.Extension is integrated with our Help Desk MX extension. You can convert any help desk ticket to an RMA request. All discussion about RMA can be done via emails. Your customers don't need to login to the store to reply to an RMA message. They can reply directly from their email and their answer will be added to the RMA automatically.
Integration with FedEx. NewExtension is integrated with FedEx online service. This integration allows you to create shipping labels directly from the RMA interface and send them to customers. It prevents possible mistakes with shipping labels and speed up the processing of RMA.
Quick ResponsesQuick Responses represent the templates of frequent answers which can be used to reply to RMA.
    It is possible to add/edit/remove quick responses.
    They can be assigned to the store views.
    It is possible to use different RMA variables in the template.
Custom Fields Must HaveCustom Fields allows you to customize the RMA as required. You can create any number of fields for storing all the RMA-related information.
    Custom fields can be of different types (text, dropdown list, checkbox, calendar).
    The field can be displayed in the customer account and/or backend.
    You can show custom fields in the shipment confirmation dialog. When a customer confirms the shipment of an RMA package back to the store, he will be required to provide additional information about the shipment (like carrier, tracking number).
    Customers or agents may be required to fill-in the field.
    Multilingual support
Workflow Rules NewWorkflow rules allow you to configure the RMA algorithm in an unique way. You create the rule, which will be executed once a certain event is initiated. When a rule is executed, it will be checking whether certain conditions are fulfilled, and then it will run the execution of specified actions, granted a positive outcome of such an operation.
    Workflow rules can be executed when one of the following events initiates:
        New RMA has been created.
        RMA  has been changed.
        New reply from customer has come in.
        New reply from staff.
    Workflow rules can check the fulfillment of the ticket fields with regard to completion of certain conditions.
    If conditions are fulfilled, then workflow rules will run an execution of the specified actions such as:
        status change of the RMA.
        owner change of the RMA.
        make the RMA resolved/unresolved.
    Workflow rules can send notification emails to the staff or customer.


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